5,000 Euros Fundraising For the 3rd Euro-Mediterranean Conference, July 18-20, 2015

The global capitalist crisis and bankruptcy threatens not only Greek capitalism but the entire Euro-zone and Eastern Europe as well, while its destructive whirlwind embraces the whole world.
The anti-fascist uprising in Eastern Ukraine and the war from Ukraine to the Middle East eliminates peoples producing millions of refugees seeking desperately salvation in Europe, the supposedly “civilized” Europe who faces them with racism, nationalism and death.
In this situation, the “national road” not only cannot provide solutions for the working class and the poor people, but threatens workers with new hardships and wars. Now more than ever the struggle of the working class must be Revolutionary, International and Internationalist.
The Workers Revolutionary Party, consistent in this approach, organizes the 3rd Euro-Mediterranean Conference on July 18-20, 2015 (after the former meetings in June 2013 and the end of March 2014). On July 18-19-20, Athens will host left and revolutionary parties, labor collectives, comrades from Europe, the Middle East but also from all the “hot” areas of the world, from the Ukraine to the distant Argentina. The target is a revolutionary internationalist response to the crisis.
For the success of the Conference, EEK calls upon his companions, friends and the entire working class to politically and materially support the effort. The goal to raise 5,000 Euros for the needs of the Conference is a necessary condition for its success and the implementation thus of a large step for the revolutionary internationalist forces.

•    Deposit account:
125/45000163 National Bank
IBAN GR0901101250000012545000163 (“E. M. E. – Nea Prooptiki”)
•    Postal check to the address:
Workers Revolutionary Party (“Ergatiko Epanastatiko Komma”), 38 Kapodistriou STR, 10431