Statement of support from The Brooklyn Greens, an activist local of the Green Party in the United States

The Brooklyn Greens extends its solidarity and pledges its support to the workers who have reclaimed the Viome factory in Thessalonica.

We denounce the court proceedings brought by the former owners, who are attempting through legal sanction to steal the factory from the workers and liquidate it despite having already stolen and profited from the fruits of the Viome workers’ labor for many years, while they ran it.

The Brooklyn Greens, which is an activist local of the Green Party of New York, calls on our sisters and brothers in Green parties throughout the world to support the Viome workers.

Furthermore, we encourage workers everywhere to follow the Viome workers’ example, take back the equipment that we ourselves, as workers, produced.

We write the words “us” and “we” here because that factory (and all machinery) rightfully belongs to “us” — the international working class, which we are part of and together created. We all collectively own what we’ve produced. The fact that we’ve allowed the bosses to “borrow” it for some time — whether it’s the ecological cleaning supplies produced by Viome workers, or any and all other equipment and means of production — is simply a sign of the global working class’ generosity. We want it back. All of it. And so we’re taking back what’s rightfully ours.

All power to the Viome workers!

*Ecological cleaning material workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your stains!*

*This last slogan no doubt rhymes only in English, where in translation to the Greek it will make little sense. Still, here it is …..

Mitchel Cohen
for The Brooklyn Greens / Green Party
New York