by Aziz

Our name is Neos Anthropos-Yeni İnsan. We used this name because of the historical meaning of Neos Anthropos. Neos Anthropos was a newspaper of the first Leninist-Bolshevik political cadre in Cyprus. It was the mother of the Cyprus Communist Party. Neos Anthropos, had in the year 1926 two main mottos: Workers’-peasants’ government and “Balkan socialist federation”.


Balkan and Mediterranean socialist federation of the soviets is our aim and reason to live in Cyprus. Cyprus as an island, isolated and alone can be only military base of imperialism! Like todays Cyprus: 40 years ago Turkey occupied Cyprus. The colonisation and settlement began!


The first period of the Cyprus Communist Party was with Leninist strategy and the second period was Stalinist Popular Front. The begining of the second depression is the main roots of the Cyprus problem and the beginning of the second depression was the beginning of the anti-colonial movement in Cyprus. 1920’s are strike and class strugle period against British imperialism. Under the worker’s hegemony (mostly miners) began the anti-colonial movement.


20’s were the time of class struggles against Britain and it was the time of usury! And today, it’s the same situation: 2. Depression and 3. Depression has the same character with banks, usury, worker’s struggle and different kinds of anti-colonialism.


This is the reason why, we use the name of the first Cypriot Bolshevik generation, Neos Anthropos: 100 years ago, they saw that, without a socialist federation, we don’t have the life chance. But today, under the federation, the masses can understand only the capitalist federation of Europa, which are ethnical divided. And our old Bolshevik mothers and fathers were against church, nationalism and imperialism. And the first action of this cadre was to burn the Greek flag and to protest the nationalist ceremonies. This is the beginning of the tradition of Balkan socialist federation in Cyprus.


As summary, yesterday all countries from Balkans and east Europa explained us 2 important points: Destroyed economies and importance and the policy of the German imperialism.


İt wasn’t coincidence or accident on Balkans that all comrades spoke about Germany. 2-3 sentence, but evrebody spoke about Belin. İt was 10 years ago Washington! İt shows us after 100 years later to 1. World war and Armenian Genocide , traditional German imperialism with lebensraum/geopolitik and ost-politik, German imperialism is the same German imperialism, its not European as Habermas dreamed! They are trying to have German Europe. İt shows us European Union is a battlefield of the different national-bourgeoisie. Mostly between France and Germany.


First of all, i have to say some words about German imperialism: Comrade Savas wrote in his article in DİP’s theoretical magazin Revolutionary Marxism about Ordo-liberalismus. Ordo-liberalismus is traditional German liberalism. But my question on traditional German liberalism is not focused on German state. İ see another point: German left liberals focused on ordo-liberalismus. Comrade Savas explained that ordo-liberalismus as German policy is dangerous for Europe, but German left liberalism, Die Linke, like SYRIZA, plays the game of regulation of the capitalism and the biggest propaganda focused against socialist planing economy!


Lenin used opportunism, social shovenism and revisionism for critic. Trotskiy used centrism as a critical weapon. But today, to use this words against left liberals is compliment for them! This kind of left liberals are careerist clowns of social cannibalism! They are opening the way of fascist movement with parlementarist and pasifist policies.


And the second point that the all comrades from Balkans and East europe focused on is destroyed economy. Destroyed economies is not the reason to cry and melankolie. The reason is uneven and combined developement. The result is permanent revolution and united socialist federation.


Without a Balkan and Mediteranean federation of the soviets, Cyprus problem and other national problems in our teritory can not be solved. Energy based imperialist agreements are peace and solution between imperialist. Their peace is our war!


Liberation of the oppresed people and unequalities of the nationalities can not be solved with the right of self determination. The problems of the wreched of the earth can not be solved with international law of self determination and UN agreements. Fetischism of the UN is not our solution. Our solution is not social pasifism like in Cyprus, the UN-lovers. Cyprus is the grave of the UN general secretaries. Most of them tried to solve Cyprus problem and they are in the grave of the history.


Today we have the same situation. Energy and turism based neo-liberal solution or federation of the destroyed economy named as solution.


Cyprus is militarism problem. İn Cyprus, militarism is everything: İntelligence center of USA, British bases, North Cyprus as Turkish Base, France, Germany and Russia have in different periods bases, facilities and installations. These three are different kinds of militarist practice. And the night clubs are the part of the facility-base relations in Cyprus.After ’89 intelligence center of USA used against France and other central imperialist countries for industrial spying. This means Cyprus is inter-imperialist conflict.


The new solution of UN, Britain, USA, NATO, Russia, Germany, France and İsrail has two meanings:

1. re-orgaisation of the military complex on Cyprus and

2. energy based-destroyed economy solution.


Ordo-liberalismus and neo-liberalism are two faceses, two characters of the German imperialism and EU. One year ago Merkel asked to President of Cyprus: “Can you give a guaranty for Gas will have quality?” in 1960, Cyprus had 3 guarantors: Turkey, Greece and Britain. And today, we have one guarantor: only Gas! The new solution of the international coalition against Cyprus is a experiment about national questions, international military relations, dept crisis and west-east relationship.


İ see here a burning point: “Lend and lease” agreement. Our old master ist going to lend and lease us to the new one. But the question is class struggles on cyprus don’t let them to do it in a peacefully way. And at that movement we have fascist movement too: brothers of the Hrisi Avgi, named as “national popular front” ELAM!


The popular front tactik of Stalinist AKEL with bourgoise, church and some parts of the world imperialism turned to “national popular front”. Fascist ELAM is a gift of the Stalinist front politics. ELAM is an armed group. Not only fascist, armed fascists. But the burocrats of the Turkish and Greek Cypriot left workers unions Dev-İş and PEO’s says: Racism and chauvinism are sickness and their medicine is human love and peace! This is the strategy of burocracy in Cyprus.


After the fall of the Arab revolution, Ukranien question, Syrien etc. are counter revolutionary movements and war provokations against the dynamiks of the permanent revolution. And Cyprus is a barricade against permanent revolution. İ say particularly barricade, because you can’t win a war with barricade! But Cyprus has at the same time another charakter, which is inter-imperialist conflict. The hegemony question of Russian bourgiesie, German imperialism, French, British and US imperialisms with “Greater Turkey” dream of Turkish Bourgiesie is Cyprus battelfield of world imperialism and other forces. The international situation is shaping Cyprus. Our question is how can we shape the international situation? This is why, we are here, this is why Trotskiy wrote, thousand times that our main question is revolutionary leadership.


Pro-imperialist solution movement as the front of SYRIZA’s and Hellenic Federation of Enterprises’ brothers can not fight against Hrisi Avgi’s brothers in Cyprus. Only the working classes and oppressed Cypriots united front can fight against them. Left liberal tendencies are sickness of the anti-colonial liberation idea. İn todays world, anti-colonial liberation movements, with democratic national liberation movements dont have the chance to take the power. And this kind of movements are using self-determination right as international law. We want to liberate us as oppresed nationalities. The propaganda machine of the imperialism, thing-thangs, NGOs and the others are useful against class independence of the proletariat. The key word for todays world and todays national questions is class independence.


The united front of the oppresed people and working class means ideological armed masses against pro-imperialist and imperialist solutions. But after 40 years Turkish occupation and etnical division, political, geographical and economical colonisation of Cyprus, Cypriots can not think any more healthy. Cypriots are sick!


Municipalities, schools, hospitals, hotels, ministeries can not pay the electricity bill, but Cypriots are fighting for the soverinity. Cyprus as international colony is going to be protektorat: without debt, financial politics, national army. Todays solution shows the domination of EU, but Cypriots burning question is ethnical teritories!


All kind of liberal, pro-imperialist, constitutionalist, social-pasifist ways are controling the politics in Cyprus. The agreements of the United Nations in Cyprus are third and strongest religion. And our way as Balkan socialist federation is a foreigin language for Cypriots.


We have to built our Europe, Balkans and Mediterrenean against imperialist Europe. We have to unite the class struggles and anti-fascist movement, specially against Hrisi Avgi and ELAM. The idea of workers council and soviets ist the only way to go. Vio Me is an example for it. We don’t have a future with destroyed economies. Cyprus government is building the biggest casino of Europa to solve the capitalist crisis. Money laundering and off-shore banks don’t have a future. We need urgently planning economy against destroyed economies and realisation of revolutionary trasitional program to socialism.


We need active internationalism as Comrade Savas yesterday said. The greek comrades know Mihri Belli as Kapetan Kemal, he was a turkish guerilla in Greek civil war. He wrote in his memories about Turkish-Greek war in 1923. At that time Greek communists made active internationalism. They made defeatism in the war against their state and army. Yes, we need today active internationalism.


The solution of the Cyprus problem is not the table of the imperialism, the only solution is the flag of the internationalism.


Smash the european social cannibalism!

End the Turkish occupation in Cyprus and Kurdistan! Turkish army and all foreign soldiers out of Cyprus!

Long live United socialist states of Europe and 4. International!

Zito i pangosmia socialistiki epanastasi! Long live socialist world revolution!

Zito i Elleniki, Tourkiki ke Kypriaki sindelfosi! Long live brotherhood of the Cyprits, Turks and Greeks!