On behalf of the entire  leadership and membership of the EEK, the Greek Section of the Coordinating Committee for the Re-foundation of the Fourth International (CRFI), we denounce the outrageous arrests of our brother and comrade Mustafa Cihan Yilkmaz and of  other fighters for freedom, social justice, and for all the political and social rights of the Turkish people . We demand their immediate release.

   With these repressive methods, the AKP  government and the ruling class behind it want to repress the unyielding,  valiant  spirit and legitimate demands of  the recent popular revolt in Taksim Square and all over Turkey.

    Gezi Park became, not solely for the peoples of Turkey but all over the world, including in neighboring struggling Greece, a  symbol of resistance  against the disasters generated by the capitalist exploiters and oppressors in this historic moment of  an unprecedented  world  crisis of capitalism,  and a beacon of hope for a victorious struggle for universal human emancipation, world Socialism. No tyrant can defeat it  .


Freedom to Cihan and all prisoners of revolt!


Savas Michael-Matsas, on behalf of the CC of the EEK

Athens, 5 October 2013