The EEK (Greece) denounces the attack of the Islamic newspaper Yeni Akit against our Turkish comrades of DIP. The rotten bourgeois propagandists, full of nationalist bigotry and stupidity, on both sides of the Aegean, cannot understand what really freedom means.

The DIP, as well as the EEK in Greece, and all the internationalists of the world are struggling for the elementary just demand : the immediate withdrawal of all military forces from Cyprus, which the Turkish “Attilas” Operation occupied in 1974 by taking advantage of the military coup by the Greek military junta.

We fight for the withdrawal of the Turkish military occupation forces, as well as of the Greek and all foreign troops,, the closure of the British bases at Akrotiri and Dhekelia, the organizing center of the imperialist intervention in the Middle East and also of the U.S. bases in Troodos.

We have many times declared and reiterated in our recent 2nd Workers’  Euro-Mediterranean Conference : we fight “for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Cyprus, the unification of the island on a  socialist basis, for the unity of the peoples on both sides of the Aegean, the northern and southern shores of the Mediterranean.”

Unlike the nationalist fascist tendencies, Turkish and Greeks internationalists are fighting together to kick out from our region all military bases of US-NATO imperialism, the main source of exploitation, oppression and manipulation of the peoples of the region. Enough blood has been spilled in the region. In contrast with the warmongers, we want to make the Aegean and Mediterranean a sea of peace and prosperity for the peoples and not theaters of bloody imperialist confrontations, where capital, merchants of war and nationalism enrich themselves with  the blood and flesh of the people.

Peace in the Aegean and the Mediterranean! Peace to the huts! War in the palaces of the exploiters, imperialists, nationalists and fascists in Greece and Turkey!

The enemy is not across the country. The enemy is in our own country,  responsible for building up of an unsustainable debt to the international usurers, for unemployment and poverty, for  armaments race, enriching not only the arm industries but also those State officials , on both sides of the Aegean, who get hefty “tips”.

Hands of our brothers and sisters of  the DIP!

Greek and Turkish workers unite! Out with all  foreign armies from Cyprus! Out with the US-NATO and British military bases in Greece, Turkey, Cyprus! Freedom for the Cypriot people – For a United Cyprus, independent and socialist!

EEK (Greece)