Dear Comrades and Friends,


In this age of the Internet and social media, this is probably no news to some of you, but I am happy and proud to announce that the six women of DIP were acquitted yesterday! This is a great legal and political victory and you may be assured that a part of the victory is owed to the efforts of each of you. I would like to thank you all once again from the bottom of my heart.


The second hearing was much more difficult than the first. The trial prosecutor, who had explicitly disowned  the indictment (written by another prosecutor) during the first hearing, came up with a demand to have all defendants punished, with an additional demand that the authors of the text be judged and punished as well. Apparently, he had earlier criticised the indictment for being too soft! One of the judges took an extremely hostile attitude on procedural matters, constantly trying to bully the lawyers and the defendants, who, I would hasten to add, proved very difficult bites to chew! Our shared impression when the panel of judges retired to deliberate on their decision was quite pessimistic. The acquittal, something of a surprise, was decided 2 to 1, with the hostile judge evidently having voted “guilty”. The prosecution will, in all probability, appeal against the decision and the case will go to the Court of Cassation. So not everything is decided yet, but we have won the chief battle.


This is an important victory for the left and the party. Since January, when a larger group of academics were persecuted for expressing solidarity with the Kurdish people oppressed by the forces of the state, the atmosphere has been one of blackmail against any expression of solidarity or any criticism of the operations. This case comes as an important gain in this context. As for DIP, the case has proved to be an important test with respect to the resoluteness and preparedness of our young party in the face of adverse circumstances. I can say proudly that that test has been passed with flying colours.


If an acquittal decision was obtained in this difficult case, especially in a time of endless hysteria regarding “terrorism” fanned by Erdoğan himself and the government, this was due, first, to the magnificent court performance by the lawyers and the defendants. I would remind you the adverse circumstances: only last week two deadly bombs exploded in Istanbul and Mardin, killing close to a score of people. The defence by the team of lawyers (of four this time, all but one affiliated to the party, that one person being a very active feminist lawyer who showed wonderful solidarity) was impressive and the political stance of the defendants, all young women between the ages of 19 and 35, with Armağan as the chief spokesperson, was impeccable. 


May I add, though, that the support we have received both nationally and internationally was effective in at least two ways: especially the width and breadth of the international support impressed the judges and it heartened all of us at the party, starting with the defendants. So thank you once again.


By the way, you must all have seen this, but just in case:


May we all hope that in the future this wonderful display of solidarity will serve much more positive purposes.


Comradely greetings to all.


Sungur Savran