To the International Donbass Forum

                   MESSAGE FROM EEK,GREECE

Dear Comrades

       The EEK( Workers  Revolutionary Party) of Greece sends its warmest  communist internationalist greetings to the coming Donbass International  Forum and  wishes  a great  success to its  works. Unfortunately other urgent poiltical obligations did not permitted us to come to the Forum of May 8th,

        We express  also  to you our  revolutionary greetings  for  May Day, the International day of the proletariat as well as for the 70th of the Great Day of Victory against fascism on May 9!
        We pay tribute to all the martyrs of the antifascist struggle, of your martyrs  as  well as to all those  who were burned alive by the fascists and Banderaists  on May 2, 2014 in Odessa.

       The resistance of the Donbass workers and popular masses against  US and EU imperialism, NATO and the IMF as well as against  their puppets in Kiev and their fascist gangs  is insolubly tied with the struggle of the workers and impoverished people  of  Greece against the  barbaric measures of “austerity”, in reality of social cannibalism, imposed to us by the hated troika of the EU, the European  Central Bank and the IMF.
       Both the crisis in Greece and in Ukraine, after the  post-2008 world capitalist crisis,  manifest  the historical impasse of the entire  EU imperialist project, following the catastrophic  demise of the Soviet Union, to re-colonize the former  Soviet space and to  “unify” the Continent under the rule of  the strongest sections of  capital.  Non pasaran! United  all  over Europe and  all over the world  we can defeat them!

       Last year, on March 2014, our Party hosted in Athens the 2nd Euro-Mediterranean Conference called by the Balkan Socialist Center “Christian Rakovsky” and the RedMed  network. Inescapably, the Ukrainian crisis came to the center of all debates and unanimously we supported a motion condemning the February 2014 coup in Kiev and expressing full solidarity to the popular anti- fascist, anti-imperialist and anti-oligarchic  resistance to it, particularly in the Donbass region.  In the same spirit , implementing the resolutions of that Conference we campaigned  and organized public meetings for  internationalist solidarity  not only in Greece bur  also throughout the Balkans, in Central and Western Europe, even in the Middle East and Latin America.
      Now , a 3rd  International Euro-Mediterranean Conference  will take place in Athens again  on July 18-20, 2015. The historic struggle in Donbass , of course,  will be again at the center. We want to invite  all  communists and fighters from different political traditions of the left taking part in your Forum  to join us , in an internationalist spirit, in our Conference too.
  Death to fascism! Freedom to the peoples! All power to Soviets! International Socialism or barbarism!

On behalf of the Central Committee of the EEK

Savas Michael-Matsas, General Secretary

                                                                 Athens April 30, 2015,