Dear Comrades of the Anti-War Assembly in Japan,

Now, more than ever before, to pay tribute to the victims of the imperialist nuclear holocaust in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is not solely an indispensable moral and internationalist duty but also a warning for all humanity.

The world capitalist crisis, now in its 9th year, is propelling imperialism to militarism, wars, occupation and devastation producing among others the biggest migrant Exodus in history.

The last events confirm the urgency  for an international and internationalist  anti-war struggle: a. the last Summit of NATO in Warshaw, Poland escalating the standoff with Russia, b. the tensions in South China Sea, c. the militarization and  pro-war constitutional changes in Japan under Abe, d. the chaos in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Central Asia, and last but not least, e. the pro-NATO military coup in Turkey and the counter-coup by the Erdogan despotic regime.

This recent dramatic development will have international implications going far beyond the Middle Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean regions. The imperialist international order  established  by the Sykes-Picot agreement a hundred years ago, during the 1st World War and the disintegration of the Ottoman Empire, has collapsed (Syria, Iraq, Libya, etc, do not exist any more as sovereign states) and with the ‘Syrianization” of Turkey, the chaos spread by imperialism in the region  merges  with the process of  disintegration in a post-Brexit European Union.

Greece, socially and economically ruined after 6 years of the most unhuman austerity, is situated precisely at the point where these two processes of disintegration are meeting. The working class is betrayed by the reformist Syriza government but not yet defeated. Our duty is to open the alternative revolutionary road out from social catastrophe. The mobilizations of the French working class last spring is the prelude of a new phase of explosive class struggles in Europe.

Internationalism in practice, not just words, is not just an option but the only solution!

Long live the world socialist revolution!

with  warmest communist greetings,

on behalf of the Central Committee of the EEK of Greece,
Savas Michael-Matsas, General Secretary