On February 20, the Greek government of Syriza in coalition with the right wing nationalists of the Anel( Independent Greeks) was capitulating to the blackmail of the EU, the ECB, and the IMF and signed the agreement with the Eurogoup. It accepted to extend for four months the so-called “bail-out program” of draconean austerity, without even getting the money from the EU and the ECB tied with this program; only after a review of the “reforms” implemented by the Greek government any money will be provided, at the end of April. Meanwhile Greece has to pay already in March 1,4 billion euros to the IMF only. The Greek State and banks are running out of liquidity as they are depleted by an enormous flight of capital the last three months, and a dramatic fall from tax revenues, while Draghi , by a financial coup d’ etat early February cut any financing of Greece by the ECB, apart from the ELA( Emergency Liquidity Assistance). Now, the meeting of the ECB in Cyprus has to decide if the ELA will be dicontinued or not.


The Syriza leadership’s capitulation was a clear break of the popular mandate in the recent Greek elections to put an end to austerity and cancel the biggest part of the unsustainbale foreign debt of Greece. It provoked confusion and disappointement to the popular base of Syriza( which was vastly expanded after the iintial declarations of defiance of the |EU and the troika by the new government). It brought a huge crisis within the ranks of Syriza itself. In the Central Committee meeting of Syriza the last weekend( February28, March 1), 40 per cent of the leadership voted against the agreement with the Eurogroup.


The agreement is precarious, and it can be broken any time. It is a source of further crises. The blackmail from Berlin, Brussels and Washington continue, while the Greek auhtorities face an infernal series of non stop payments to the international usurers this year, particulalry in March with the 1. 4 billion to the IMF and at the end of June-early July with another 6.7 billion euros to pay the ECB and the IMF. The capitulation did not prevented the continuous torture, the turning of the screw.


Despite some emergency “humanitarian measures” of social assistance, which will be advanced, austerity continues. In the hospitals, the workers are preparing a new strike against the lack of financing. Strikes are starting sign to sign regular pay contracts and to cancel the barabrity of “labor flexibility” and “black labour”.


To add insult to the injury, the government, presents its capitulation as a… “victory”, and it launches new attacks to workers rights as necessary measures to stabilize the economy. The most scandalous one now is the the attempt by the government to transfer the assets of the pension funds of the workers to the Central Bank, transforming them into Repos and using the money out of the blood of the workers to pay the vampire of the IMF this month. But the resistance of the workers to this theft is not yet broken.


Radicalization and politicization among workers and pauperized popular masses not only have not stopped in Greece but they are deepening and expanding. The EEKk had already issued a Statement by its Central Committe on February 28,analyzing the new suituation and outlining the enw tasks. Our revolutionary work has started in the new period with a Workers Conference last weekend. Later this month a campaign against privatizations and unemployement, against austerity and of the cancelation of he debt will be in action all over the country.


Our general line is : No capitulation to the EU/ECB/IMF gangsters! Break from the imperialist Mafia! Down with class collaboration with Greek and foreign capital and their parties! For an Emergency Plan to meet the social needs by expropriation of the banks and key sectors of the economy under workers control and workers managment; for workers power and the socialist unification of Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok, on the ruins of the imperialist European Union!


Savas Michael-Matsas