Dear Comrades, 
We want to annouce you that the two days trial of Savas 
Michael-Matsas, General Secretary of the EEK and of the former Dean of 
the National Technical University of Athens Mr K. Moutzouris, after 
the lawsuit of the Nazi “Golden Dawn” in complicity with  the “deep” 
bourgeois State, ended with a legal victory against the fascist menace 
in crisis driven Greece and in Europe: both accused antifascists were 
declared unanimously  not guilty. 
Hundreds of people assisting in solidarity in the court hailed the 
result with antifascist slogans and singing the International. 
We want to thank you and all those mobilized internationally by your 
efforts  for  internationalist support, which played a great role to 
the final result of the trial. 
The lesson is clear: the international political mobilization of the 
working class and all the oppressed  can and shall defeat fascism, 
racism, antisemitism,and  the decayed capitalist system in crisis that 
generates them l 
Death to fascicm! Freedom to the people! 
Either world Socialism or barbarism! 
on behalf  of the EEK 
Savas Michael-Matsas