Solidarity from DIP(Turkey): Meet the demands of Nikos Romanos and his comrades!

Dear Comrades of the EEK,

We are sending this message to all the honourable people of Greece, to all our sisters and brothers on the other side of the Aegean, who are struggling for the rights and life of Nikos Romanos and his comrades.

The hunger strike started by Nikos Romanos, in his state of captivity in the hands of the Greek state, on November 10th has evidently reached a stage where his life is in jeopardy. Three of his comrades have followed suit and it is only a matter of time before they face the same mortal threat. All this is due to the vengeful attitude of the Greek state towards the dignified attitude of Nikos and his comrades, in particular regarding the refusal to take part in the comedy to be staged by the president of the republic, Karolos Papoulias, and the flagrant violation of what are clearly their rights with respect to their education.

We write from a country where the F-type prisons are even worse forms of cruel treatment and denial of the prisoners’ humanity than the C-type prisons of Greece. We write from a country where successive hunger strikes and death fasts in the face of the violation of even the most basic rights of prisoners have taken a heavy toll again and again. We write from a country where, in the year 2000, the state, acting under a self-styled social-democratic prime minister and his equally social-democratic minister of justice, attacked prisoners on hunger strike in many different prisons and murdered 28 prisoners, in an operation venomously called “Return to Life”. So we know what we are talking about. All the crimes of the authorities in each and every one of these incidents were later exposed in the eyes of the public without a shred of doubt. And the names of those people in power on those occasions have been stained forever. The Greek authorities of the present day will no doubt suffer the same fate. Acting to grant the demands of Nikos Romanos and his comrades is the only way they can save their honour form being dirtied for generations to come.

We write from the country of Berkin Elvan, shot on the head with a tear gas canister by the police of Tayyip Erdogan in cold blood during the Gezi events when he was 14. Berkin lost his life around a year later, when he was 15. We declared that Berkin and Alexis Grigoropoulos were “brothers forever”! Nikos Romanos is the comrade of Alexis who witnessed his murder by the Greek police. So we extend to him and his comrades our heartfelt solidarity and support in his struggle!

Meet the demands of Nikos Romanos and his comrades!

End the hideous system of C-type prisons!

Fraternity among the peoples of Greece and Turkey!

Unite and fight the repressive Greek and Turkish states!

For the Socialist Federation of the Balkans!

Revolutionary Workers’ Party (DIP)


6 December 2014