3rd Euro-Mediterranean Conference


                             Statement on Ukraine


         The tragic events in Ukraine, particularly after the “regime change” in Kiev, the  rise of   Nazism and  national-ethnic  hatred, the war  in South-Eastern Ukraine threatening the regional and world peace, the barbaric IMF program of starvation imposed  all over Ukraine, West and East,  cannot and should not be ignored. The international workers movement, the Left , and all  movements  fighting for emancipation all over the world  cannot and should not remain  trapped in systematic misinformation and propaganda warfare but take a principled stand.


         The  social economic, political and moral crisis of the EU is  clearly seen in Ukraine, where together with the US   are sustaining a government that  raises  monuments to the collaborators to  Adolf Hitler’s Nazism and genocides, to Stepan Bandera and the UPA while forbidding by law  the communist ideology and organizations. It s proves not only the nature of the Kiev regime but as well the political-moral bankruptcy of the so-called democratic European Union.


  • We stand by the Ukrainian people fighting against fascism and all forms of  chauvinism, Ukrainian and Great Russian, of anti-Semitism, of all forms of discrimination.
  • We demand  the liberation of all political prisoners in Ukraine and Russia.
  • We demand the return of all political refugees to their homes.
  • We demand the disbanding of all  fascist  armed forces.
  • We demand an independent   International Commission of Inquiry  to the hideous crime of  burning alive  dozens of people in the House of the Trade Unions in Odessa on May 2, 2014, of the massacre in Mariupol and all crimes perpetrated, particularly  against the civilian population, during the entire period of  the on-going Ukrainian crisis .
  • We demand the full respect of the right of  national self-determination of the people of  Ukraine as well as the respect of all  national, religious, and cultural rights of the people in Donbass and of all the communities of Ukraine. The destiny of the peole has to be at the hands of the people , not of the Great Powers and of their conflicting interests.


        As fighters for freedom, social justice and  Socialism, we, participants in the 3rd  Euro-Mediterranean Conference, held in Athens on July 18-20, 2015, we declare our support to the perspective of a free, united, federal, and socialist Ukraine based on freely elected  people’s councils, without  imperialists, oligarchs, and bureaucrats. For a socialist Ukraine part of a socialist Europe, from Lisbon to Vladivostok!