On behalf of our unions and union members, we express our deepest support to the workers of Viomichaniki Metalleutiki factory in their struggle for maintaining production and keeping their workplaces.

As unions that have supported similar projects of workers-run factories in the country with almost completely devastated production such as Croatia, we understand the problems of VioMe workers and believe they have every right claiming their ownership over the factory since the self-managed model of running the company that they have implemented saved it from shut down and has proven itself as the most effective, responsible and just way for achieving sustainable production which can provide for a decent life of workers and their families. Therefore, we hope VioMe workers will win the legal battle they have been dragged into, but regardless of the court’s ruling, we support every possible way of defending their factory and workplaces.

In accordance with that, we wish your Caravan of Struggle and Solidarity be successful in gathering as many workers’ collectives as possible and in sending the joint message of strength and togetherness of the Greek workers’ movement.

In solidarity,

Novi sindikat (New Trade Union), Croatia
Regionalni industrijski sindikat (Regional Industrial Union), Croatia
Regional Industrial Union’s local in the workers-run factory “ITAS-Prvomajska”, Ivanec, Croatia