Dear comrades and friends,


On behalf of the central committee of EEK we would like to thank you very much for the generous wave of solidarity in Greece and worldwide from all earths corner.


The grant response to our call for support and solidarity has turned the efforts of the neo-Nazis and the Greek government to silence and criminalize the anti-fascist speech and action into a boomerang.


The EEK is a party that draws its financial resources exclusively by contributions from members and friends. These days begins a court battle that apart from not knowing how much it will lust, its costs have already surpassed our economic potential.


That is why we decided to ask your help and economically, so that we can continue the struggle that concerns us all.


Support our struggle according to your capabilities. Any financial aid – large or small – is necessary for us.


Thank you in advance,


The CC of the EEK,


Here follows the bank account. For any deposit to use the reasoning “diki savvas”.


National Bank of Greece


Account: 18462102601

I-ban:     GR 2101101840000018462102601