On Friday 23 Jan, Barış Bal, a for twenty years political refugee from Turkey and famed musician, a virtuoso in Turkish classical and popular music traditions, was called upon “for his case” at the Evosmos Police Station, where he was informed that Interpol had issued a warrant against him. From there he was taken to the Thessaloniki Police HQ where he was informed that he would remain in custody until Tuesday 27 Jan (!) when the competent judicial council will consider his case.

Twenty-two years ago, 15 year-old Barış was sentenced to 17 years imprisonment for “participation in an illegal political organization”, for him being active in the social movement. He swam across the border and very soon he was accepted as a political refugee from the Greek state. But despite the lapse of so many years, the Turkish state did not forget the case and now that, during recent years, it orchestrates in tandem with the Greek authorities a huge industry of trials, persecutions, deportation threats and kidnappings of Turkish and Kurdish refugees in Greece, it has managed to obtain a warrant from Interpol for the delivery of Barış Bal too.

The EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party) Party Organization of Thessaloniki denounces the arrest of political refugee Barış Bal, all persecution of political refugees and the dirty cooperation of Greek and Turkish authorities for the organization of this persecutions. The labour and social movement internationally, particularly in neighboring Greece and Turkey should answer with unifying action, complete and unconditional solidarity with the persecuted, and internationalist struggle for the abolition of all prisons and borders that divide people and suffocate our lives. They will find us against them



· Immediate release of political refugee Barış Bal

· No immigrant deportation – papers and free movement for all

· Asylum and passport to all political refugees

EEK (Workers Revolutionary Party)

Party Organization of Thessaloniki

Jan 23, 2015