Среща с представители на гръцката революционна организация ЕЕК* във Варна

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On 2nd of July, 2014 at Solidarity Center – Varna was held an open meeting with representatives of the Greek EEK. The meeting was attended by representatives from several local leftist organizations, anarchists and activists from the Solidarity Center.


From the Greek side, the guest speakers were Savas Michael-Matsas – leader of the EEK and Kostas Apostolopoulos. In front of the audience, they have presented a short briefing about the current situation in our southern neighbor: more detailed, they have explained about the struggling of the Greek prisoners, in which they are proactive participants.


Furthermore, Prisoners from every Greek prison had started an effective hunger strike in protest against the adoption of a new law in the Greek legislation allowing the construction of a new type prisons – “Class C”. These new types of prisons are the so called ‘prison in the prison’ and are designed primarily for political prisoners.


Inside these new prisons, the convicted people lose all their rights, like the right to be visited, the right to have a walk, to keep up any correspondence or to have a vacation. The strong isolation’s purpose is to lubricate the radical political opposition in Greece. In addition, it is facilitating the physical liquidation of the political prisoners, which is a quiet often practice in the Greece prisons.


In addition, it is an important fact that, the proceeding hunger strike is the biggest in the whole history of the country.


Samaras government deliberately passing this law during the summer when there is an expected lower level of mobilization against it. Eventually the law was passed a few days ago and the hunger strike was canceled, but the fight against the new prisons continues. The new tactic of the activists is already against the construction of the new prisons via direct actions.


Furthermore, the Greek activists have talked about the political situation in Greece after the elections of May 25. The country is torn by unprecedented political crisis. Despite the victory of the Left Siriza on the European elections, the ultra-right – Golden Dawn have 10% of the votes. This means that half a million Greeks voted for the fascists, including more than half of the police officers! As follows, they become the third political force. Also an important fact is that the trust into the central political organizations is fully depleted.


In this explosive atmosphere, the mass revolts from 2008 and 2009 are already gone. But they are now replaced with thousands of smaller struggles made in every front and every spheres of the economic and social life of Greece.


According to the leader of EEK – Savas Matsas – the purpose of their organization is to unite these thousand sparks into one fire, in order to conquer the whole of Greece and lead it on the path of revolution. He believes that the workers have a great revolution potential at the moment, but as far as they want to realize it, they have to “look at the whole forest, but not only in one tree”


The whole Balkan Peninsula and East Europe have been shaken by social unrest – Bosnia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania and especially Ukraine.


The final goal is the workers to see their potential and to believe in their strength. According to Matsas, it is impossible for Greece to fight alone.



The situation in Ukraine was also discussed. Our guests from Greece have direct contacts with militants from Odessa and other cities from eastern Ukraine. According to their information from first hand, right now in the turbulent regions the common Russian-speaking citizens are fighting. Putin’s decision to stay away from the conflict and the agreements of the local oligarchs support this statement. Despite of that, the situation there is chaotic, especially from ideological point of view. There are a few armed workers organizations like ‘Borodba’, but in the headquarters of the resistance you can find an odd mixture of ideas – red flags, Russian flags, hammer and sickle and Christian cross. This cocktail represents the thorough scene in eastern Ukraine, while the media-war makes the analysis of the situation even more complicated.


The only way out of the crisis for the Balkan countries is separation from the EU and creating a Balkan Federation.This idea has been discussed and worked on more than once in the history and has been manifested for different reasons during the years. But today the year is 2014 and a big part of the factors that prevented from working on the Balkan federation in the past no longer exist. A project so huge requires tactics in 2 perspectives – creation of program (the suggestion of Savas Matsas was to include in it a regulation of the social rights of the worker) and an action plan for direct operations. One of the first steps that can be accomplished now is development of Balkan information network, that will include periodic briefings from all Balkan countries. This is one of the projects that will soon be started. In the near future, a Balkan meeting will be organized with representatives of different leftist, revolutionary organizations from Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Serbia and probably Romania. In the meeting the long-term perspectives will be discussed, as well as the action plan.