Message of the EEK(Greece) to the 52nd International Assembly in Japan

Message of the EEK(Greece) to the 52nd International Assembly in Japan


Ο χαιρετισμός αυτός διαβάστηκε στην επέτειο της Χιροσίμα, στην πόλη του πυρηνικού ολοκαυτώματος και σε μια σειρά από πόλεις της Ιαπωνίας.


Message of the EEK(Greece) to the 52nd International Assembly in Japan

Dear Comrades,

The entire Greek working class, including our Party, the Workers Revolutionary Party (EEK) of Greece never forgets or will forget the Japanese victims of the nuclear holocaust in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, this horrendous “monument”   to the barbarism of imperialism, war and  decaying  global capitalism.

We salute your 52nd International Assembly as the living expression of the fighting, unyielding  resistance of you and  of  the Japanese working class and people to  imperialist-capitalist  barbarism, which now again threatens  humanity with catastrophe.

The global capitalist crisis that erupted in 2007/08 not only did not ended but it is in rapid transition into  further  exacerbation.  Neither the mass injection of liquidity to save the banks and finance capital in the US, Britain, the EU nor “Abenomics” in Japan offered any way out  from the impasse of a historically exhausted social system in its advanced decline.
Seven years of crisis devastated the lives of millions of people in Greece, in Europe and all over the planet. And now, the ruling classes  turn  to the most brutal methods to  save the rule and the privileges of the “one per cent” on the top.
The far right is on the rise,as the results of the last European Elections of May 2014  have shown,and the Nazi stormtroopers are launched in  Greece, in Hungary, in Ukraine. In this last country the Nazis , under the guidance of the US and EU imperialism got control of the key positions in the oligarchic  state and wage  brutal repression and war against their own people in Eastern and Southern  Ukraine.
After decades, we have not just a renewal of the Cold War but of a  real ,hot, destructive war at the center of Europe, threatening to expand internationally.
Already wars and civil wars are waged not only in Ukraine but also  in the Middle East, from the new genocidal  war aggression of Zionist Israel against the Palestinian people in Gaza to Iraq, Syria, and Libya.

We can and should stop this slaughters  by organizing the forces of proletarian internationalism and peoples resistances all over the world in a common revolutionary struggle against the butchers of imperialism, to transform the imperialist wars into a world socialist revolution.

Internationalism is not an abstract principle but a very practical one embedded in the material historical reality of our epoch. A small example: last year our Party faced a  lawsuit by the Nazi  Party “Golden Dawn” with the complicity of the right wing government launched  against us and against the General Secretary of the EEK Savas Michael-Matsas with the ludicrous accusations for “fomenting  violence and civil war to impose a Judeo-Bolshevik regime in Greece”. Thanks to  a tremendous  international campaign of solidarity, including your solidarity, we won this battle. It was the first legal defeat of the Nazi ‘Golden Dawn” in Greece. We thank all of you!

Now , the EEK and other revolutionary organizations and  social movements in the Balkans, Ukraine, Russia, and the Middle East, we  are preparing for 2015, the year of the centenary of the Zimmerwald Conference of 1915 against the First World War, a new international Conference in the Zimmerwald’s spirit  to fight against the rising imperialist war, militarism, chauvinism, racism,and fascism. We extend our invitation to you too to discuss it and participate in this international mobilization.

with warmest internationalist communist greetings

on behalf  of the EEK

Savas Michael-Matsas, General Secretary of the Central Committee