Social movement “Alternative” expresses
support workers VIOME, who are fighting for self-management, social control and efficiency of the enterprise.

Today, when Greece is under pressure from the EU leadership, experience VIOME workers is important because it shows how in these conditions it is possible to ensure the growth of production.

We express the hope on that the claim of the former owner of the bankrupt VIOME, who threw irresponsible company and its employees to fend for themselves, will be in court rejected. We hope too on that the VIOME workers will receive the support from the government of Greek Republic because their work activity lies entirely in line with the well-known SYRIZA program.

We express you our solidarity! We greet as well the workers of Radio and Television Thessaloniki supporting you!

From the Social movement “Alternative”  – Ludmila Bulavka/
Moscow,   2015, March, 17